Flashback Friday: 2015, Age 3

Abby: I don't want these; I don't like blueberries.

Me: Ok. I'll eat them.

Abby: You eating blueberries, Mom? Can I have some?

Me: (This is typical) Sure.

Abby: I lub blueberries. You lub blueberries?

Me: Sure, I love them.

Abby: You lub Curious George?

Me: Yes honey, I love Curious George.

Abby: I LUB!! George!... You drinking beer? You like beer?

Me: Yep. I like it.

Abby: You lub beer?

Me: I'm fond of it, yes.

Abby: Drink it

Me: I am drinking it

Abby: Drink it all gone.

Me: You're starting to sound like my drinking buddies.

Abby: I don't like beer.

Me: Well it's not for everyone.

Abby: You put waffles in the elevator wif the pencil ober dare?

Me: Over where? Waffles and pencils and elevators aren't usually in the same place, honey.

Abby: Kittens can't talk.

Me: 3 year old's could use some work on it too.

Abby: Can I have a banana please?

Me: Since you said please, here you go.

Abby: No 'ank you; I don't like bananas.


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