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Flashback Friday: Age 3

You won’t believe how I found Abby this morning at 7 AM . At some point she must have got out of bed early, freed herself from her sodden diaper, throwing it haphazardly on to her book shelf, and wandered naked (always naked, this kid) into the kitchen to find a suitable breakfast on her own. When I opened her door to wish her the happiest of Easter mornings, I found her in a rather objectionable state. She laid there, legs splayed across her bed, littered with a confetti of foil caramel wrappers, empty chocolate bunny boxes and shiny green strings of plastic grass. The devoured Easter basket lay on its side, clutched under her arm, chocolate smeared across her mouth, chest and fingers and a dopey, sugar buzzed smile laid lazily across her face. It was like walking into the scene from Flight when Denzel had discovered the door to the adjoining room unlocked and the bar fridge fully stocked. But instead of single serving liquor bottles strewn about - a drunk and his booze, it was my 3-year old and single serving chocolates.

Me: Abby!! What have you done?!

Abby: Mommy, I have to poop.

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